Pine Hills Golf Course was founded in 1954 by Carl Grygiel. Carl came from a golfing family and was one of 7 brothers – all of whom were caddies before World War II, 5 of whom entered the golf industry, and 4 of whom became PGA professionals.

After 2 years of service, Carl returned and resumed work on the course. He then completed the course and opened it to the public in 1954.

  • Founded
  • 1954
  • Carl Grygiel
  • 7 Brothers
  • World War II
  • PGA Professionals

Following World War II

Following World War II, Carl returned and began to build his 9-hole golf course single-handedly with an 8N Ford tractor. However, Carl was called back into the service for the Korean War in 1950.
  • World War II
  • 9-hole Course
  • 8N Ford Tractor
  • Carl
  • Korean War

18-hole Course!

After Pine Hills Golf Course was established, it was run as a 9-hole course until 1967 when it was redesigned to become an 18-hole course.
  • 9 hole course until 1967
  • Redesigned
  • 18 hole course

New Club House

The course has continually improved with changes in length and design. Prior to the 18-hole redesign, a clubhouse was added in 1965
  • Improvement
  • New Club House
  • 1965

Continually Improving

Pine Hills Golf Course is in its 64th season and second generation of ownership – Carl Grygiel’s son, Carl James Grygiel, a PGA professional, purchased the course in February 1985 and has been continually improving the course ever since.
  • 64th Season
  • 2nd Generation Ownership
  • Carl Grygiel's Son - Carl James Grygiel
  • PGA Professional
  • Purchased in February 1985

Rebuilt Clubhouse

The clubhouse was rebuilt with a beautiful Adirondack style, and the course is host to large events, league play, and tournaments.
  • Rebuilt Clubhouse
  • Beauftiful
  • Adirondack Style
  • Large Events
  • League Play
  • Tournaments